2016-2017 Updates

The 2016-2017 edition of The American Yawp is now available. After integrating feedback from our open review, our editorial team has made the following improvements to the text. Most updates were minor, but returning instructors will notice a few key changes:

  • The American Yawp Reader has expanded. We now provide material for all thirty chapters. Each chapter now includes a short introduction, five documents, and two pieces of media (mostly images). Note that, owing to copyright law, post-1923 sources rely heavily upon government documents that have been deposited into the public domain.
  • We have partnered with Hypothes.is to enable students to highlight and take notes in the text. The discreet pop-up menu on the right enables students to create a free Hypothes.is account that will save their highlighting and note-taking and allow them to see others’ public notes and highlights. *Note: we intend to beta test this feature in the Reader for the fall and for both the Reader and the main text in the spring.*
  • Our first chapter, “The New World,” now offers greater treatment of the dynamism and diversity of pre-Columbian Native America.
  • Our final chapter, “Recent History,” now offers greater treatment of the immediate past: the constitutional resolution of gay marriage in Obergefell v. Hodges (2015), the impact of social media, the Black Lives Matter movement, and more. 
  • Each chapter now includes a recommended citation formatted according to the Chicago Manual of Style.
  • The homepages of the text and reader now include a search bar to better find particular names, places, or ideas across the site.
  • For those using or referencing our previous edition, an archive is available.

We look forward to another year offering students free and open access to the very best of historical scholarship, but the American Yawp remains an evolving, collaborative project. We are eager to continue drawing on the collective expertise of the historical profession, and we welcome your ongoing input through our renewed feedback platform, available here.

The American Yawp would not exist without the support and participation of scholars and educators like you. Thank you again.

2015-2016 Updates

  • A new introduction briefly explores the nature and importance of historical study.
  • The American Yawp Reader, a documentary companion to the main text, is now active for chapters 1-21 (Post-1923 copyright restrictions have delayed the uploading of documents for subsequent chapters). The reader includes five documents for each chapter, ranging from 500-1,000 words each. A short introduction prefaces each document, and citations and links are also provided.
  • Citations have been reinserted for all chapters.
  • Each chapter now contains a supplementary “recommended reading” section that lists relevant scholarly works.
  • “The Old South” is now “The Cotton Revolution,” reflecting recent historiography that has emphasized the relationship between American slavery and American capitalism.
  • To better foreground the major economic changes of the late-nineteenth century, and to achieve greater chronological cohesion across the text, Chapter 16 and Chapter 18 have switched places. Chapter 16 is now “Capital and Labor,” and Chapter 18 is now “Life in Industrial America.”
  • For those using or referencing the beta edition text, an archive is now available.