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  1. Some of the paragraphs the text size is smaller then others for not apparent reason.

    I don’t know if there is way to fix that but, if possible please try.

  2. It would be fantastic if there were instructor resources (quiz questions, etc.) available as well.

  3. It would be useful to include in the primary sources for Chapter 6, the US Constitution, since so much of that chapter is dedicated to that document. It would also be nice to include a selection from The Federalist Papers so students can understand the framing of the debate over the Constitution. Given the polarized nature of the electorate today, perhaps Federalist 10 would serve the purpose.

  4. It would be great if you could highlight the text and underline it, as if it were a real textbook. Having a toolbar that allows you to take notes like you do in a physical book would be utterly helpful.

  5. Where are the page numbers? I am using the online text for class, and we are asked to site directly from the text. However, unless I am missing something, the online text does not have a convenient way to find the page numbers.

  6. Monica Stenzel May 18, 2020 at 8:01 pm

    It would be wonderful to have text-to-speech function for the text and textual sources. Many of my students commute, are ESL, or have other accessibility issues. Also, they would learn pronunciations, as well.

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