Broadening the Yawp

Source Submission

The American Yawp tells a broad story. We’d like to make it broader. So we are again turning to the historical community to ensure that we represent the fullness of the American experience.

Before the 2019-2020 academic year, we hope to add 60 more sources, two for each of our thirty chapters, while reconsidering those sources presently included, to better reflect the under-represented voices and perspectives of the American past. We can do better, and we’d like your help.
We have created this page to gather suggestions and submissions for new primary source documents and  excerpts. Please consider participating. As always, you happen to have any questions about this initiative or other developments with the project, feel free to email the editors at (Ben) or (Joe).

Our titles sometimes use the proper title for the document, such as “Alexis de Tocqueville, “How Americans Understand the Equality of the Sexes,” 1840.” Other times, we use a descriptive title like “Jourdon Anderson Writes His Former Master, 1865.” Please use your discretion.
Please suggest a brief, 3-4-sentence introduction that offers the conveys the context and significance of the source. For reference, please see the short introductions to existing documents.
Our source excerpts are generally between 600- and 1,000-words long